Valse Ottomane

An immersive odyssey back in time in Chateaubriand’s steps, an orientalist fervor worthy of a painting of Ingres. An experience of all senses, at the crossroads of silks and spices in a whirlwind of brocades, crowns and turbans. Refined extravaganza inspired by imperial splendors of Ottoman art eclectism, giving way to all fantasies. The Valse Ottomane Collection is a poetic anthology identifying to Baudelairian excellence, inhabited by inspired literature, myths and melancholy. From Prince Vibescu, to Tolstoï, Diaghilev and Mata Hari, an escape into the essence of Belle Époque Europe to the golden age of Constantinople. Designed and handmade on the French Riviera from French haute-couture upcycled fabrics.