Care & size guide

Taking care of your
Diana d’Orville


Your Diana d’Orville is a precious piece. Your wardrobe’s hero, from your morning espresso to the red carpet.
Let’s ensure the divine lasts forever! How to tenderly pamper it:
-Professional cleaning. No tumble dry. No ironing.
-Use a padded hanger to avoid fabric stretching.
-Your Diana d’Orville is made from exquisitely fine materials – please take care when wearing jewelry, bags and other accessories.



Diana d’Orville garments are designed to fit all shapes and sizes. The Diana d’Orville woman is everywhere – she is across faiths, ages and sizes. We see beauty & divine in the diversity of morphologies – after all, our body is Mother Nature’s gift to each and every one of us! Our garments are designed to sublimate you, to give you strength & confidence through all stages of life as a woman.

Together with our dear pattern-maker, we’ve spent a lot of time & care developing THE perfect size that fits a widest range of silhouettes, with styles that perfectly fit and drape gracefully with every movement. Our one-size-fitting-all pieces allow you to wear & style your Diana d’Orville in various manners.

Please refer to our measurement chart below for international conversions. And if still in doubt, email us at – we will be happy to help you!


FRANCE : 36 (XS)  38 (S) 40 (M)  42 (L)

ITALY : 38 (XS) 40 (S) 42 (M)  44 (L)

UK  : 8 (XS) 10 (S)  12 (M)  14 (L)

USA 4 (XS) 6 (S) 8 (M) 10 (L)

RUSSIA : 40 (XS)  42 (S)  44 (M)  46 (L)

JAPAN  : 7 (XS) 9 (S) 11 (M)  13 (L)

AUSTRALIA8 (XS)  10 (S) 12 (M) 14 (L)

GERMANY  : 34 (XS)  36 (S)  38 (M)  40 (L)



Our gowns are free-flowing by nature. Measures from the middle-backare 144cm and imperial sleeves amplitude 62cm. Please note that there may be slight variations as each piece is handmade.



We offer two different pant lengths in some styles: capri and palazzo cuts. Capri cuts are crafted – from crotch – at 72cm. Palazzo cuts dimensions are measured 83cm from crotch. Generally, our Capri length comes around the ankle region, and Palazzo length across the heel region. Please note that there may be slight variations as each piece is handmade.



Regular fit 39/15.15 (neck size).

Menswear shirts are designed for tailored yet relaxed, fluid and loose look. Please note that there may be slight variations as each piece is handmade.
If you wish to have any advice on sizing or bespoke options, please email us at
It is our pleasure to help you!