Audrey Tasiaux in Diana d'Orville luxury suit in gold and flower prints

The Brand

Diana d'Orville

We are a Sustainable Luxury brand built upon conscious artisanship – limited edition treasures handcrafted in our Parisian atelier from French & Italian haute-couture materials.

Under the art direction of founder Audrey Tasiaux, inspired by the vibrant South of France where she grew up, each piece is elevated to a Wearable Objet d’Art. An ode to French heritage, graceful freedom of movement & Mediterranean art de vivre.

Women like Diana, Audrey’s grandmother, are foundational to her creative itinerary. Women exuding elegance, refinement & eclectism whose extravaganza defy time and era. Each collection, tinged with History of Art references, is an invitation to colorful Eldorados and sartorial exultation.

From raw material selection, support of traditional savoir-faire, local production and upmost quality control, social and environmental sustainability are at the core of Diana d’Orville’s DNA.

Born in 2020, the brand sponsors reforestation & women-led farming communities programs in Africa. It has integrated Institut Français de la Mode / Chambre de la Haute-Couture designers in Paris and is part of Chambre de la Mode in Monaco, and has launched its own podcast featuring leaders in the Arts, Wellness & Culture industries such as Vincent Darré. 

Sustainable Luxury

An Ode to French Craftsmanship

Our collections are entirely handcrafted in our South of France atelier. Our modus operandi brings tailoring into a new breed of smart casual, our post-modern approach to the ancient language of luxury.

Fabrics are limited, sourced from family-owned silk master craftsmen in the Lago di Como region and upcycled from French haute-couture fabrics. No waste, no overproduction, no greenwashing.

Besides working with local artisans whose personal imprint we cherish and value, we strongly focus on minimizing our carbon footprint and on a sustainable philosophy from raw material to packaging.


Audrey Tasiaux

Audrey is a self-taught designer who previously worked in the media industries in Hong Kong, Brussels, London and Monaco. Her International Politics background made her realise early on global challenges & urge towards a more sustainable, peaceful future.

As Audrey says ‘I believe in a positive-impact fashion, radiant with health, joy and optimism, respecting all men, women and Mother Nature. Behind each piece is a reflection around Time – without falling into nostalgia, what Marcel Proust entitled ‘Remembrance of Things Past’, a time that has never been so precious. Time to search for exceptional materials, cuts and finishes. Time to take personal care of our customers, to build human relationships with our partners, time respecting natural rythms and true craftsmanship.”

A dreamer, a time traveller and collector of unique heirlooms of her family and their story, her passion for travel, arts and civilizations treasures are expressed in her creations – using fashion as a form of art to preserve traditions, essential luxury and effortless elegance.


Sustainable luxury made on the French Riviera

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