Derived from 'Galane', the greek word for Milk - Gala, referring to the milky way galaxy, interpreted as of 'serenity, tranquility and calmness'. In Ancient Greek mythology. Galene was one of the Nereid mermaids who were known as the goddesses of ‘calm seas’.

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Limited Edition
Made in France

The free-flowing version of our Signature palazzo set – equally sublimates each movement!
High-waisted free-flowing midi skirt / Wrap-around incrusted medium belt
Lavallière collar / Long sleeves / 3 assorted front buttons

Prints / Colors
Botanical prints
Flamingo pink background – Raspberry / peach / blue prints


80% Silk 20% Viscose (Origin : France)

Care guide

Your Diana d’Orville is a precious piece. Your wardrobe’s hero, from your morning espresso to the red carpet.
Let’s ensure the divine lasts forever! How to tenderly pamper it:
– Professional cleaning. No tumble dry. No ironing.
– Use a padded hanger to avoid fabric stretching.
– Your Diana d’Orville is made from exquisitely fine materials – please take care when wearing jewelry, bags and other accessories.

For more information, please refer to our Care & Size Guide here