A vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature, dating from Antiquity. The term has become a poetic synonym for an idyllic version of unspoiled wilderness, Arcadia being a poetic-shaped space associated with abundant natural splendor and harmony.Greek mythology inspired the Roman poet Virgil to write Eclogues, a series of poems set in Arcadia. Visuals of beautiful nymphs frolicking in lush forests have often been a source of inspiration for painters and sculptors.

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Limited Edition
Made in France

Silk tailleur / Shawl collar / Palazzo pants / Assorted belt
Flat fronted waistband with elasticated back

Prints / Colors
Botanical prints / Ivory background
Chocolate satin piping


100% Silk (Origin : Lago di Como, Italia)

Care guide

Your Diana d’Orville is a precious piece. Your wardrobe’s hero, from your morning espresso to the red carpet.
Let’s ensure the divine lasts forever! How to tenderly pamper it:
– Professional cleaning. No tumble dry. No ironing.
– Use a padded hanger to avoid fabric stretching.
– Your Diana d’Orville is made from exquisitely fine materials – please take care when wearing jewelry, bags and other accessories.

For more information, please refer to our Care & Size Guide here