Davina Catt x Diana d'Orville The Podcast

Podcast with Davina Catt | Film Director, Model, Vogue & Financial Times Editor

Honored to have Davina Catt on a new episode of our podcast today!

Davina is a writer, director, model.

Davina is a contributing editor for Vogue International and new biannual title, Violet, having also written for leading publications including the FT, Evening Standard and Interview.

With a grandfather working in film during the golden age, Davina has grown up on filmsets and has recently written/directed a short film and written/directed/presented a documentary, which was launched in UK independent cinemas to favourable reviews and online at Curzon Home Cinema.

She is regularly speaks on a programme called Fashion and Cinema, which hosts screenings and in conversation events looking at the intersection of style and film.

Davina has been written about and featured in many leading publications for her body of work, including Harpers Bazaar, Interview, Vogue Italia, ID, Lula magazine. She has been photographed by famed lensman Rankin amongst others and starred in campaigns for designers such as Lara Bohinc jewellery, Vogue Italia.

Davina is passionate about supporting small, independent designers with limited production runs and authentic stories.

An immense pleasure to discuss with Davina & hearing her interesting, unfiltered thoughts on a variety of subjects such as Fashion, politics, and AI’s reverberations on culture & society, revisiting the Riviera from the prism of literature & cinema, Couture as Art and its relevance today, journalism in a no-time-to-think time, diversity, body image & mental health, etc.

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