This collection invokes the power of the sacred feminine under the protective aura of Adventure Goddess, Adeona.

Across the Seven Seas, from Ulysse’s Odysseia and Sindbad’s peregrinations to Le Clézio’s Onitsha, Saint-Exupéry or Stevenson’s Samoa, this collection is an invitation to a multi-sensorial odyssey into space, time & idyllic eldorados.

Each piece holds a feminine deity name from ancient civilizations worships.

Limited Editions designed in Monte-Carlo. Made in our Parisian atelier from French haute-couture fabrics. 

Diana d'Orville unisex blue printed botanical silk cover up jacket Diana d'Orville blue and gold lamé palazzo suit with ostrich feathers
Diana d'Orville silk maxi skirt dress with coral pastel paisley prints Diana d'Orville Signature palazzo set in black with pearls
Diana d'Orville silk maxi skirt set in pink floral giant prints
Diana d'Orville silk set dark tropical prints Diana d'Orville blalck and cream printed silk palazzo with embroideries and feathers
Diana d'Orville signature graphic printed multicolor silk suit Diana d'Orville silk palazzo set in gold green giant floral prints
Diana d'Orville couture khaki jumpsuit