Hum Fleming fashion luxury PR exclusive interview for Diana d'Orville

Hum Fleming | Luxury Fashion PR

We’ve had immense pleasure to have the one & only Hum Fleming at the mic!

A bustling life as Luxury & Fashion PR, James Bond creator ian Fleming’s grand niece, and active ambassador for Young Epilepsy Charity, Hum is the epitome of the bright & energetic woman that inspires our collections!

‘I live by the expression of live life to the full. I always want to make sure I make the most of what I’ve been given and its incredible opportunities’

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Her story

About her epilepsy and work for Young Epilepsy Charity

Her philosophy and what she holds on to in turbulent times

Her vision of the fashion & luxury industries post-Covid

Her bet on next Bond girl – as grand-niece of James Bond writer & former spy Ian Fleming!

Her relationship to sustainability

Three words when she thinks of Diana d’Orville

Her ideal dinner – who she would invite, what’s on the menu, what would she wear

What she dreamt of as a little girl & what she would tell her younger-self

Her safe haven/ dream destination

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