Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury - silk kimonos in the maldives


Green Vibes Only ! Our take on sustainable luxury.

Let’s get back in sync with nature, touch the earth with our fingertips, swim in the sea, walk in the forest, observe the magic of sunsets.
By immersing ourselves in Nature, we develop our ability to empathize with it.
To love is to care for, protect and preserve.
Only experiences of this type with great sensory intensity can encourage the emergence of a real ecological commitment, and allow us to move from the role of consumer to that of protector of nature. From ego to ECO, from consumers to consumACTORS! Let’s do good, feel good, look good!
Through each season, we proclaim an engaged, poetic and bright fashion. An ode to good humor and the pleasure of living. Harmonious and vitamin-rich colors, radiant with health.
Let’s glow with the flow!
Each of our partners is selected on its sustainable development policy, sharing our ​​values ​​respectful of men, women and the planet. In short, everyone wins!
It is your feedback, your loyalty and your enthusiasm that give us the energy to surpass ourselves to make everyday better.
Love & Light

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