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FARRAH EL DIBANY | Opera Mezzo Soprano

“I think art is a necessity – people survive a lot of things because of the existence of arts, creation & culture’

Welcome back to our interview series featuring industry leaders extraordinary lives in the form of exclusive conversations. Today, I have the immense honor to have grandiose Farrah el Dibany at the mic!

Born & raised in Egypt, Farrah is a mezzo soprano performing between prestigious Opera de Paris, Bolchoi in Moscow, Berlin Opera, Biennale del Arte di Venezia & at Dubai Opera soon – in other words, I AM AN ABSOLUTE FAN!

As solar as the Alexandria sun, she makes me think of a modern Fairuz, an Egyptian ‘Carmen’, or a Middle Eastern diva seen at the magnificent exhibition at Institut du Monde Arabe seen last year in Paris!

In this interview, we cover different subjects from her love for 1960s Egyptian music & independent cinematography, our common passion for combining different forms of art into a unique subtle alliance of East & Western cultures, traditional and modern, her vision of the future of the opera industry in a world that gets increasingly digital, and the role of Art in our everyday lives.

I hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I did interviewing her!

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