Model shoot for Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury made on the french riviera - silk kimono shot in the Moroccan desert


Spring in Saint-Germain des Prés, the heart of Paris arts & literature.

Vernissage of the MOROCCO exhibition by Julia Jaeckin, presenting our ‘Rhapsodie Impressionniste’ campaign shoot in the Moroccan desert.
Julia inherited her father’s artistic steps – he who enfeverished the world during Summer 1974 with his erotic-chic film ‘Emmanuelle’ that remains today a French cinema biggest successes.

Julia presents her exhibition MOROCCO, her adopted land, in three different series, where the play of lights is a key element in her work. “What I love about photography is being able to capture in the space of a brief moment a look, an emotion. Women are my muse, whether in portraiture or fashion. Always inspired by the work of my father managing to capture the smile in the eyes of his models, I strive to succeed in this quest for happiness that puts her in the spotlight. I like to work with film, bringing a grain and a special contrast to my photos “- Julia Jaeckin.
In the series ‘Fleur d´Oranger’, produced with Miss Morocco 2015, Julia honors the beauty of women in accordance with the styling she wears through the sets. The vibrant and warm colors of the country are brought to light by the film photographs.
Her ‘Ombres & Lumières’ series puts two types of Moroccan women in perspective. The traditional woman, wearing jewelry sets according to her region (the Souss, the Sahara, the anti-Atlas and the Middle Atlas). We observe the strength and modesty of this woman, in an ideology anchored by the customs of her country. The contemporary woman, by contrast, reveals herself, strips off, absorbed in ‘désinvolture’ and freedom. We note the importance of light, carrying models in their own development, through changing mores and a constantly changing society.
‘Terre Rouge’, the latest series, is a photographic report in which the Berber people are the central object of its study. A dazzling reflection of their joie de vivre, of their free vision of the world in the face of a contemporary outside world. The title of this report pays tribute to the landscapes present in this village of Ouirgane, with its red earth and the human warmth of this people.

“THERE IS NO CREATION WITHOUT IMAGINATION” “The closer she gets to the world as it is and by moving away from the paternal heritage, the more interesting her work. In this exhibition, the young photographer is interested in the transformation of the body of women with the evolution of customs and at the time when – at least in the cities – Morocco resembles European models. The creator proves that there is no creation without imagination. And it is when the changing Moroccan world is caught “in the streets” that her photos are most powerful. The insolence is there. Attention too. The sudden curtain rises over reality in a form of pre¬gnance and freedom. When the artist renounces the poses where an official beauty holds too high the paving stone and when this one seems to become more Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret, Le Litté, March 30, 2019)