Caroline Keslassy in Diana d'Orville silk suit

Caroline Keslassy | Interior Designer

Founder & creative mind behind of her eponymous luxury interior design & architecture brand, raising children between San Francisco & Paris, and French TV host & moving into NFT’s with StudiokiParis, Caroline is the embodiment of energy, & the woman-who-has-it-all!

We’ve had the good fortune to connect with her in between two meetings to talk about what drives her vast creative itinerary.


Can you briefly walk us through your creative itinerary and what brought you to launching your own brand?

I discovered at a very young age a passion for interiors, but oriented to Economics at La Sorbonne in Paris. Then, she decided to fly to Palo Alto, CA, where I became a strategic consultant for a social gaming tech start-up, ending up satisfying my passion for architecture and design (graduated with an MFA at the Academy of Art of San Francisco).

My curriculum is now inspiring me in relying design projects with their economic realities: from graphic design to the execution of strong concepts through a sophisticated marketing strategy. Convinced about the experimental oriented/conceptual design approach through a combinaison of complementary artistic worlds that enrich each other, I work on maintaining a meaningful relationship between ART, FASHION & DESIGN. Today, my work evolves around architecture, design and media.

This is why my brand is very personal: it was born during challenging times but it points at and leads to freedom, light, bright emotions. With \ki:\, the brand, I’m not trying to reach people’s expectations, I am sharing my own message, apposing my identity.


What inspires you? Are there any artistic references that drive your creativity or any movement/concept you feel close to and translate in your work?

My inspiration is deeply anchored in the Parisian aesthetic, however, I like to cross the conventional barriers between the traditional and academic Parisian luxury codes versus the organic and conceptual unique interpretation of a specific place. I also love the combination of opposites such as, rough & precious, structure & freedom, straight & organic lines.

What I do is a way to express how I feel, I’m not only moved and animated by one thing, I like the contraries that can be complementary. My collections are a visual utopia, made of different material and shapes, and associated together they are giving life to each pieces of furniture.

I feel close to utile dulci; the useful with the agreeable, doing what I love while bringing another perspective in art.


There is a very personal imprint and singular signature depth in your work – is there any particular time/place/state of mind you feel your best to create and develop new ideas?

Hahaha, I have my theory on creativity! Being a ‘creative person’ doesn’t mean I sit around all day-drinking in a kimono until the magic of inspiration hits. Creation is just about marrying ideas together, mixing between oneself and one other, could be a sound, a feeling, or anything.


What do you hold on to in turbulent times?

My kids, family, friends, chocolate and a nice SoundCloud playlist! I have the tendency of disappearance into the creative realm to find myself.


What did you dream of when you were a little girl -and what would you tell her today?

I dreamt of being able to have an idea that would become a real object. From cradle to realization, turning emotions into tangible creations. I would tell younger Caroline: ‘don’t ever be scared. You are at the exact right place at the exact right moment’.


Your ideal day?

Starts with a smile and gratefulness. See how you can positively affect your day. A little meditation session. A ray of sun is very appreciated! Choosing an outfit matching my mindset, a lunch with creative people, more creativity during the day, a bottle of wine and a nice dinner in the evening with friends, long talks, deep thoughts and laughs.


You host a dinner:

Who do you invite?

I would definitely invite Napoléon, sitting next to Quentin Tarantino, and in front of these gentlemen I would invite Cleopatra and Sarah Bernhardt to confront them!

What do you cook?

First of all, I would add a theme: Mexicó, just to see Napoleon drinking tequila while wearing a sombrero!

I love exploring concepts and ideas, I would definitely organize a collaborative cooking session, everyone adding their own signature. Either way, we would cook way too many things, I can’t stand a half filled table for my guests!

What do you wear?

A Diana d’Orville kimono – any of them I adore them all – to be effortlessly elegant, a piece in which I can own myself, feel at ease but precious at the same time. To me, there’s nothing more elegant than fluidity, freedom of expression, of movements, exactly like in a Diana d’Orville piece! Effortless is the true cool.

Find Caroline on her social platform here & interior design projects here!

Caroline Keslassy in Diana d'Orville silk suit