Match With Art x Diana d'Orville couture piece Centre Pompidou


We were so happy to work the Match with Art account over a one-of-a-kind couture collab!
Because we envision fashion as a form of art, craft as a form of art, their convergence as symbiotic. An artistic communication of everything that exists & surrounds us, the societies we live & evolve in – made wearable.
Our Iguarias couture set has been developed in our Parisian atelier from French haute-couture fabrics for that event.

This collaboration has a special resonance as the work presented at Centre Pompidou in Paris is a Collaborative work produced by 26 women, APY Lands. And part of the magnificent “Women make Abstraction” organised with Aware.

Detail of the work: “Nganampa mantangka minyma tjutaku Tjukurpa ngaranyi alatjitu (The Law of Women is alive in our lands),” 2018
Acrylic on canvas
Actual dimensions: 290 x 550 cm.
Work produced for the Opale Foundation.

Find more about the exhibition here!
And direct link to Match With Art sumptuous instagram account here!