The Petit Trianon or the Château des Femmes, a secret kingdom and refuge for Marie-Antoinette where she rediscovered the joy of living, far from the etiquette and representation imposed at Versailles Court. The Petit Trianon was entirely devoted to flowers, surrounded by gardens -one of the earliest famous examples of neoclassical style: sober and refined after the Rococo excesses. As part of the hamlet was a farm that produced for the Royal Table - there was a poultry yard, a sheepfold, a dairy lab, everything needed to bring in fresh produce from the royal farm. In addition to the vegetable gardens, there is a botanical garden, where exotic plants are cultivated, that made the king's garden famous throughout Europe. “Farm to table” early aficionados!?  

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Silk tailleur / Shawl collar / Palazzo pants / Assorted belt
Flat fronted waistband with elasticated back

Aquamarine silk satin
Lining (collar / sleeves / pants): pastel brocade



100% Silk (Origin : France)
Lining: 100% cotton brocade

Care guide

Your Diana d’Orville is a precious piece. Your wardrobe’s hero, from your morning espresso to the red carpet.
Let’s ensure the divine lasts forever! How to tenderly pamper it:
-Professional cleaning. No tumble dry. No ironing.
-Use a padded hanger to avoid fabric stretching.
-Your Diana d’Orville is made from exquisitely fine materials – please take care when wearing jewelry, bags and other accessories.

For more information, please refer to our Care & Size Guide here