Eden. Inspired by rêveries from Hesiode’s poems to Enûma Elish, the Babylonian story of Creation, to Gauguin’s utopian compositions during his trip to Polynesia, symbolic resonances are found in each of our pieces.

A collection tinged with bright color palettes & trompe l’oeil prints as our own vision of an idyllic terrestrial paradise – a radiant, peaceful place where the Earth is strewn with foliage & flowers, where all living creatures live in harmony.

Wearable Art designed on the shores of the Mediterranean and handcrafted in our Parisian atelier from haute-couture fabrics.

Spring-Summer Limited Editions available at Annie’s Ibiza & La Réserve Ramatuelle luxury boutiques!


Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury couture made on the french riviera silk kimono Diana d'Orville Sustainable luxury brand - printed silk luxury caftan
Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury printed silk set Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury printed silk set
Diana d'Orville luxury gown couture kilim gown Diana d'Orville silk long shirt gown bordeaux circular prints Diana d'Orville luxury gold bronze lamé gown
Diana d'Orville luxury kilim long gown made in France Diana d'Orville couture signature brocade gold palazzo
Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury palazzo suit in marine curpo sustainable fabrics made in France Diana d'Orville sustainable luxury signature silk palazzo suit Diana d'Orville luxury gown geometrical navy & white prints